What Are Zero Click Searches = Impact on Blogging SEO

What Are Zero Click Searches :- Friends, recently you must have heard a lot about Zero Click Searches, some people are calling it till the end of blogging.

What is the truth and why are people telling the threat to Zero Click Searches for the future of blogging? In today’s article, you will get answers to all these questions.

Zero click searches are questions asked in search engines like Google, Bing, or Yandex that do not direct you to any third-party website in the name of organic search results.

This No Click Search has increased so much that today almost 60 percent of organic search results are available only in the form of zero click search.

But is Zero Click Search great for business owners who are trying to drive traffic to their website?

At first glance, it seems like a mountain of trouble to everyone – after all, if no one clicks on your hard-built website, how will you grow and blog se paise kaise kamaenge.

So is What Are Zero Click Searches the end of blogging in 2021? Let us know in detail. What Are Zero Click Searches

What Are Zero Click Searches

What Are Zero Click Searches :- When you find the search result of a query in a simple snippet at the top of the page, which you do not have to click on that website link to read, then we call such organic search results as zero click (no click) search.

Zero click search results save the time of the users as well as benefit Google because for this Google does not have to send its user to any third-party website and also saves the user’s time.

With the passage of time, Google is making changes in its search results. Google is always innovating to improve the user experience.

What Are Zero Click Searches

Google wants every search result to be optimized so that the user does not have to go to any other place or post or page. Whatever the user is searching for, he gets the most relevant results.

Google wants its user to get all the information without clicking on the search result. Due to this optimization, the demand for Zero Click Searches and No Click Searches results is increasing.

Zero Click Searches or No Click Searches is such a query searched on Search Engine (Google) whose answer is found by the user only on the Search Engine Result Page (SERP) and the user can get enough of the result without clicking on any link.

is satisfied. This type of search result is called Zero Click Searches or No Click Searches.

According to a post in the Search Engine Journal, 34.4% of users on desktop and 62.5% on mobile do not click on Search Result Links. Because they get their answers only on the Search Engine Result Page (SERP).

If you are searching for a particular query in a search engine like Google and you will get the result immediately either in paragraph, list post or knowledge graph.

Then you will not click on any website displayed in Google SERP and will immediately leave the search engine, which is known as zero click search.

If the user gets enough required information, he/she will not click on top 10 or any website that appears on any page.

It is called zero-click search or in simple words search without any click on any third party website ranking in Google. What Are Zero Click Searches

How Many Zero Click searches?

Recently, Rand Fishkin took data from SimilarWeb and analyzed that the total worldwide searches in the year 2020 were around 5.1 trillion.

Of those total searches, more than 64.82% of searches were without any clicks on organic sites or zero-click searches.

Out of the total zero-click searches, below was the classification.

  • Total find zero clicks on mobile was 77.27%
  • Total find zero clicks on desktop were 46.48%

I did more research on how this zero-click searches grew over the past 5 years and published the report on Search Metrics!

  • Find zero clicks in the first quarter of 2016: 43.1%.
  • Find zero clicks in the first quarter of 2017: 46%.
  • Find zero clicks in Q1 2018: 47.5%.
  • Find zero clicks in the first quarter of 2019: 49%.

Now according to that study, this number increased to 64.82% in the year 2020 which is almost 15% more than in 2019 and this is a matter of concern for the content marketing industries.

Recently a research has been done by Rand Fishing in which they have shared some important facts about Zero click searches.

He saw some important points through this research and you will be surprised to know that more than 65% of such searches are happening in Google so that no clicks are coming.

This means that if the user is searching for any query, then they are getting their answer on the SERP page itself, they do not need to go to any website.

Now another fact has come out by Rand Fishkin in which he has told that 65% of the searches that are not getting any clicks, then 77.2 percent of that 65% clicks are impacting on mobile devices and 46.5% are on desktop. on users.

If you understand it a little better, then if a user is searching a query on mobile, then 77.2% of such searches are those whose answer they get directly on the top of the first page and they go without clicking on any website. go.

We will talk about the desktop, then the same particular query if a user is searching on the desktop, then there are 46.5% such searches on the desktop, whose answer is being found directly in front of them and they do not need to click on any website. has been

It is clear from this that zero click searches are having more impact on mobile devices than desktop. What Are Zero Click Searches

Why Zero Click Searches Increasing?

Now it’s clear to pinpoint the reason for the increase in zero-click searches and the only reason for this is the featured snippets and knowledge graph.

A feature snippet is a short and clear answer to a search query that pops up at the top of the search engine, which directly answers the user’s query.

As you have seen in my above example, Google is optimizing and answering more and more questions in the form of feature snippets.

Here are some more examples.

Why zero click searches are increasing
I’ve searched two questions one is to know age and other one is how-to guide and google displayed both answers in short and clear form.

Now it is less likely that anyone will click on any organic result.

It’s called Feature Snippets and Google is improving these things every day and zero-click searches are likely to grow.

Google is improving itself more and more day by day.

Now in such a situation, one thing must be coming in everyone’s mind that why these zero click searches are increasing so fast. What Are Zero Click Searches

Zero Click Searches Increasing?

The only reason for zero click searches to grow is the feature snippet

You must have noticed that whenever you search for anything in Google, you will get to see the result of most of the searches in the feature snippet itself.

As you can take an idea from the image given below. What Are Zero Click Searches

What is the Impact of Zero Click Searches on Organic Traffic?

As you have seen so far, you must have come to know that zero click searches are increasing every year.

Now I know that only one question must be coming in your mind that due to zero click searches, the organic traffic of your website will be affected and the traffic of your website will be reduced.

Is not it?

If so, do not panic, read this post completely.

According to the Hubspot report, there have been a total of 2 trillion searches across the world in 2019.

If you guys know about the latest report of Rand Fishkin, then you will be surprised.

Research by Rand Fishkin revealed that in 2020 the total no of searches in Google has increased to around 5.1 trillion.

  • Compared to 2019, it has increased by more than 2.5 times.
  • Now let’s do a simple calculation.
  • What is 49% of 2 trillion as of 2019?
  • That would be closer to about 0.98 trillion.
  • Meaning that in 2019 there were about 0.98 trillion zero click searches.
  • Now if the current data is checked, then in 2020 the volume of zero click searches has increased to 64.8% and the search volume has increased to 5.1 trillion.
  • So according to that, what would be 64.8% of 5.1 trillion.
  • That would be closer to about 3.3 trillion.
  • That is, the volume of zero click search in 2020 is 3.3 trillion.
  • Now let me show you a data, look carefully at the data given below.

Now I am sure you are worried about how Zero-Click Search affects the organic traffic of your website?

And when I did more analysis and tried to get the number of searches, things were amazing.

According to a HubSpot report, there were a total of 2 trillion searches globally in the year 2019.

Number of people searched by google in the year 2019
Now let’s read the latest report published by Rand Fishkin and it will surprise you that in the year 2020 the total number of searches increased to around 5.1 trillion.

And this sum is more than 2.5 times the total searches of the year 2019. So let’s do a little math.

What is 49% out of 2 trillion searches? It’s all those people searching for around 0.98 trillion zero clicks in the year 2019.

Now examine 64.8% of the 5.1 trillion searches in 2020, which would be roughly 3.3 trillion zero click searches.

So in short, given below is the number of clicks received by organic websites in the last 2 years.

  • In the year 2019, organic clicks were 1.2 trillion searches.
  • organic clicks In the year 2020, 1.8 trillion searches were done.

So simple math says, with increase in search volume the number of organic clicks increase, and so on we have more zero click searches.

Total Google Searches and Organic Clicks in 2019 and 2020

So what are all the questions that attract more zero clicks and I am wondering if these are the possible questions which earlier users were not even searching in google but due to lockdown last year they have started.

  • Which milk shop is open nearby?
  • When will the second season of this web series be live?
  • What is the total number of COVID cases in India?

In the above three examples, you have seen that there is a possibility that Google will show the results in a feature snippet or knowledge graph.

I am sure now you have got more clarity about zero-click search and its potential impact on organic search. What Are Zero Click Searches

Futre of Blogging with Zero Click Searches

After hearing about zero click searches, this concern must have come in the mind of almost all bloggers whether blogging is going to end now? Is blogging dead now?

If you are also one of those people then your concern is right but zero click searches will not have an impact on all websites.

The increase of zero click searches is definitely a worrying thing but for us this is very good and best news.

See, zero click searches are increasing every year, but along with that, users on the Internet are also increasing, that is, the search query is also increasing.

If you work looking at the advantages of zero click searches, then it will not make much difference to you.

Like I have told you earlier that you have to focus on your content and not on all these things.

If we talk about some such points that every blogger should implement, who have to achieve success in the blogging field.

Some special strategies that you have to follow:

  • Add a schema to your blog to help search engines understand your content.
  • Try to give a direct answer to the query of the users, give a simple answer to what they are asking.
  • Optimize your blog or content according to the feature snippet.
  • Always write original and unique content.
  • Do not make such websites whose future is about to end such as news website, job posting, lyrics, poetry, live scores etc. Zero click searches will have the biggest impact on these websites, so that their blogging future may end.
  • Do not leave your website only on google organic traffic, try to create your community in different places and diversify your traffic source.

What Are Zero Click Searches

Wrap Up on Zero Click searches

You will keep getting such studies every year but we all are familiar with how internet usage increased in the year 2020 after COVID.

More people searching in Google and all businesses are going live and many more searches in Google.

Google itself announced that every day more than 10-15% of searches are completely fresh and new, for which Google is not able to find suitable results from the existing published content.

So find such opportunities and remember one thing, you don’t need search volume in trillion as if your site is driving decent traffic and you are making money that’s all you need to care about.

I am sure this has given you the brighter side of Google’s recent and upcoming changes and i love to hear your thought on the same in the comment box.

If you found this resource helpful and interesting then help me to reach out to this awesome piece with those who are in need. Thanks in advance. What Are Zero Click Searches

How to Leverage Knowledge Panels in Zero Click Searches

First, you need a Google My Business listing – which is a free tool that improves your visibility. This shows up in the right-side knowledge panel when someone searches for your business and provides the following information: 

  • Name
  • Images
  • Business description
  • Phone number
  • Map location
  • Address
  • Google reviews

Needless to say, getting leads from a GMB listing is much easier than getting them from a website listing within the SERPs simply because there’s just more convenient information right in front of the user’s eyes.

Additionally, optimizing your Google Business listing will improve your local listing. For example, if you have “Divorce Lawyer in Durham” in your description, along with on your website itself, you’ll be more likely to show up in local results when a user seeks out “divorce lawyer in Durham.”  What Are Zero Click Searches

Tips to Rank in Featured Snippets

The featured snippet, or Position #0 may not seem like it will do you any favors, but it will do two important things: 

  1. Put your business directly in front of people who may need your skills, service, or product;
  2. Show that you’re an authority in a topic – If Google picks your blog or service page to answer a question, that means you’ve been heavily vetted, and users are more likely to trust you over a competitor. 

So, if you want to generate visibility and awareness of your business or improve credibility that will lead to traffic, having the featured snippet will do it. Plus, with strategic content and curiosity-sparking page titles, you can pull them away from the fast answer and have users clicking on your list. 

Optimize Your Content for Snippets

If you can make it easy for Google algorithms to see that you are clearly answering a specific query, you’re more likely to be chosen. Let’s use the divorce lawyer example again. By using a headline such as “What is a Simple Divorce?” and in the paragraph having a clear, concise, relevant definition, that will improve your chances of being the featured zero click result. Similarly, you can leverage the search for “How to File for Divorce in North Carolina” by having a blog that includes a simple, numbered list of the steps followed by a more in-depth look at each one below them. 

Just like when you’re writing to rank in SERPs, you want to follow these guidelines to get the #0 position: 

  • Use high-quality, relevant content on your website;
  • Target question-type searches using your keywords to place organically in your copy (then, answer those questions);
  • Make sure every page has an optimized image that will be visible in a snippet.

Consider adding an FAQs page to your website which can be a source for multiple snippets from one page. What Are Zero Click Searches

Why SEO and SERP Ranking Still Matters

So, since 50 percent of searches are zero click, do you need to worry about SEO and your search engine ranking? 

Absolutely! SEO is a key part of your digital marketing strategy and it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. 

First, according to AHREFs, over 90 percent of snippets and position #0 results are pulled from page one of SERPS. After all, that’s what Google considers to be the most relevant, high-quality information for the query.

If you want to show up in a snippet, you need to show up on page 1, and that means a strong SEO strategy is essential.

Next, zero click searches are for simple answers and information. “How old is the President?” or “How to boil an egg,” can be answered in these little blocks at the top of the page and satisfy a user’s query.

However, if they need a service or have to troubleshoot something in their home, a snippet isn’t going to cut it, and they’re going to need to visit a website to get the best information and possibly contact a professional. You want it to be your website they come across first.  What Are Zero Click Searches


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