Rumbleverse Best Builds: Tank, Stamina, & Attack

Rumbleverse is finally out, and the wait is over! The game features an open-world Brawler Royale-type game whereby players will fight each other to death to be the last one standing to gain victory while being free-to-play friendly.

Tank-Based Build

It also grants them the ability to simply stand there and take in hits after hits without fearing that they might die and get eliminated from the match.

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Starting with the perks for players in Rumbleverse, below are the perks you can use to stack HP and maximize your tanking skills.

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Status Effects

In terms of status effects, players will be able to gain, and they are pretty similar to using perks. While it can buff up players,

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“Temper” perk active, and they will need to head over to any enemy and take damage.

Rumbleverse is available a totally free PC, on Xbox One, the Xbox SX, the PlayStation 4/5 and the Xbox Xbox. We didn’t know Russian. Supports playplay on all platform.

Create your own unique character. Call to get the gun fired from the gun. Find a landing zone in the streets or an ice-cutter, to look for a new weapon and upgrades.

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