Best Internet Speed Meter for PC 2022

Best Best Internet Speed Meter for PC 2022 – Internet speed meter are one of the most useful tool that can be used  online. Internet speed-meter is widely used to measure internet speed over pc or personal computer.

There are different types of internet speed meter available in the market by different companies but it is difficult to find best from it therefore in this article we  will about best internet speed meter fot pc but atfirdt let us understand what actually is a internet speed meter and how does it works.

Best Internet Speed Meter for PC 2022

for complete information of Best Internet Speed Meter for PC 2022 read our post beginning to end.

What is a internet speed meter

A internet speed meter is a special type of website or application that allows a user to check his internet speed mainly downloading speed and uploading speed. By using internet speed meter you can easily check your internet speed.

How does a internet speed meter works

A  internet speed meter act as a bridge between internet service provider or ISP  and user’s computer and calculate the total uploading speed and downloading speed. A Internet speed meter with the help of its complex codes is able to calculate and give very accurate results. Thus it is one of the most reliable online tool and widely used by a large number of internet user all over that world.

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Best internet speed meter for pc List

The list of best  internet speed meter  for  PC is given below. We have ranked internet speed meter on different factors like availability, user-interface, etc.

1) Okla Speedtest

Okla Speedtest is one of the most popular and Best internet speed meter for pc on internet and at the same time most accurate.

Anyone can easily use Okla Speed test by visiting their website or if you are using Windows 10 in your computer  you can download their dedicated application available for Windows  10 Operating system.

After you visit their website or launch their application you will see a big ‘GO’ button click on it and  that’s all the website or app will show you the Upload speed, Downloading speed and Ping.

If you are using Windows 10 this is simply the best Internet speed meter you can use and if you are using any operating system other than Windows 7 then go for  other speed meter because this tool works best with Windows 10 and the application only works with Windows 10 also the might not available all time.

2) Network Speed Test

Network speed test is one of the simplest and among the most popular speed test meter application available for windows.

This application is very simple and easy to use. This application shows only upload speed and has many disadvantages like does not has any takbar icon or widget and lacks some important features like data usage monitor but despite all of this if you are looking for simple and light weight application then this might be the perfect choice because it is very simple, light weight and easy to use.

3) Net-Speed Monitor

This is also one of the Best internet speed meter for pc that is widely used. This application is the best choice if you want to track your internet speed in real time.

This application allows you to add real time speed meter in your taskbar which is a very useful feature and is rare to see in other internet speed meter tools.

You can even customize the text colour and bitrate that is shown by this application in the taskbar.

The only disadvantage in this application is that you cannot open this application and check internet speed you have to add the internet speed meter in the Task after that you will be able to see your internet speed.


This is one of the best and most clean internet speed meter website. It does not contain much code and is very safe and simple website through which you can test your internet speed.

The frontend of this website is made up of HTML 5 and CSS and is very clean and light weight. You can easily see you internet’s upload speed and download speed through this website from any device like Mac, Windows or android with web-browser and internet access.

The biggest advantage of using this internet speed meter is that you don’t have to install any application and can use it in any device.

5) Internet Health Test

Internet Health Test is one of the simplest and most different from other of it’s competitor.

This website is not only very simple and fast but also provides more data and has more features than other internet speed meter.

This website has many servers worldwide through which you can select your desired location for internet speed test.

This website also provides one of the best customer  support service in this industry.

So, if you are facing issues in this website you can contact their customer support you will surely get help.

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today we gave complete information about internet speed meter for pc 2022 so that you can calculate your internet speed, If your ISP’s server is near you, you will get good internet speed but ISP keep changing its server, due to which there is also a change in internet speed.

Best Internet Speed Meter for PC 2022

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