What is email marketing strategy

What is email marketing strategy :- More and more eCommerce are employing this type of strategy but you have to be very careful as many consider them to be spam even if they have signed up themselves.

Also, sending an email every day or even every week can cause many people to unsubscribe if during the first few periods of time they are not offered anything that interests them.

To this you have to add that they are not “personal” emails, although now there is more variation according to each customer’s taste.

What is email marketing strategy

Marketing means promoting a product or service. This happens in many ways, such as through social media, or through online websites, or through blogs. When we send email to customers to promote a product or service, it is called email marketing

We’ve reached perhaps the most important point if what you’re looking for is a “normal” marketing strategy. Each eCommerce has its objectives, resources and way of working.

This means that a. Using a template or another company strategy applying it to your online store or your brand may not give you the results you expect.

Therefore, it should be evaluated for a specific company or business. It will collect a number of sections ranging from available resources to activities to be performed, how to measure results, possibilities of change according to results and what is to be achieved. What is email marketing strategy

What is email marketing

What is email marketing strategy

In e-mail marketing, you send commercial e-mail messages to your e-mail customers, i.e. contacts who have signed up for your e-mail list and have received explicit permission to receive e-mail messages from you.

Email marketing can be used to inform your brand, increase sales and build a contact. Creating an email marketing strategy is vital to achieving your business goals. Email marketing uses email as a tool to send advertising messages to selected audiences. What is email marketing strategy

how to start email marketing

Friends, in today’s article we are going to see what is email marketing? Friends, if we want to do any business, then the most important thing to promote that business is marketing. If you start any business and are not able to market it well, then your business will never be successful.

For every business to grow, you have to do marketing. As we all know that this is the age of internet. People spend more and more of their time on the Internet. Due to this reason, the demand for digital marketing has increased a lot. The era of offline marketing is almost over.

Big companies use digital marketing only to grow their business. Part of that is e-mail marketing. Friends, if you do not know about email marketing, what is email marketing? So today we will tell you as well as we will tell why it is important for email marketing business. What is email marketing strategy

What is an email address?

An email address is a unique identity for sending emails. Email address is used to send and receive email via the Internet.

Just like in earlier times, home address was needed to send something, similarly if someone wants to send email and take email from someone on the Internet, then email address is used for that.

Every email address has 2 main parts. First username and second domain name. Username comes first in email and domain name comes after (@) after this symbol.

For example, you can see the email address below with mangeshkumar315 as a username and the @ followed by gmai. com is a domain name.


I hope now you have understood what an email address is and what it is used for. What is email marketing strategy

Why Email Marketing is the Best !

Email marketing has a lot of advantages for businesses because of the standards they provide.

One of the key features is its very low cost and good return on investment.

The Data and Marketing Association calls it one of the highest digital returns on investment platforms.

How to Do Email marketing?

When it comes to email marketing you need to know three import bit of marketing that all together makes email marketing successful.

  • What are Lead Magnet and Collect lead?
  • What is Auto Responder email?
  • What is Broadcast & Newsletter email?

How to Collect Email And Use Lead Magnet

It is the universal law of economics that you need to offer value in exchange for an email, I have learned from the chapter “Organised planning” of the book Think and Grow Rich.

The same applies here in email marketing, you need to offer some helpful resources either a personal coach, guide, e-book, or training as I do offer 9 days of Blogging Mastery training for free.

So the reason for which any user exchanges email is call lead magnet. If you have no resources then grab them from free IDPLR sites. What is email marketing strategy

Need of Email Marketing

Email marketing is by far the cheapest medium to do digital marketing. If done with the right focus, it can also prove to be the most effective.

So much so that we have understood that today everyone has their own email id and people also use it. So what could be a better way than this?

To pass on information about your advertising and services to them. Who might be looking for something like this too.

As can also be seen in the above comparison graph, in 2018 marketers around the world have considered email marketing to be the most effective. Even today email business is in the first place.

Email marketing’s ability to reach countless people at once and minimal cost are the two reasons that make it the most effective.

Let’s say you send emails to 10,000 people a day. In which only 10% i.e. 1000 people read it.

And out of that 10% i.e. 100 people come to your website through advertisement sent by email.

Now out of that also empty 10% people, that is, 10 people buy something. Suppose whose total cost is (500 * 10 ) Rs 5000.

By doing this for 30 days, your total sales were 5000 * 30 = Rs 1,50,000.

To do this, your email marketing monthly expenditure comes to less than 5000 rupees.

This is just an approximate example to explain to you. That’s why email marketing is considered so economical and effective.

Expense calculation may vary from business to business. What is email marketing strategy

How To Do Email Maketing

You do not need to have your own website or your own blog to become a good email marketer. Even without this, you can start email marketing of things.

You need some basic tools and knowledge for this, and that is –

You must have an email address or ID and if it is a business email address then it is even better.
To promote your products or service, you will need a bulk mail list.

To send bulk mail in a professional or commercial way, you must have email marketing software.
To start email marketing, you need these few basic requirements.

Seeing so many benefits, everyone would like to adopt email marketing to grow their business.

But it is not that easy either. As we all know that our inbox is always full of advertisements. Do we read every single ad or email?

The answer would be absolutely NO!!!

So then how to make such advertisements which are caught in the eyes of the consumers.

For this there are email marketing service providers that allow you to create customized ads from their platform and send them to all the customers at once.

You can also decide through the process of automation, when and to whom to send your email ads. All this you have to set through the settings.

To market your products and services via email, you must have a list of email IDs.

You can also buy this list if you want. But its quality is always questioned.

It would be better if you make your own list of customers. And keep sending sale promotion mails to your customers from time to time.

This is an effective way to maintain communication with them and engage with your business. So that your customers come to you again and again. What is email marketing strategy

Email Marketing Software

To start email marketing, you need another most important requirement and that is professional email software. By using this we can send bulk mails simultaneously and we cannot trace those sent mails with its help.

Some of its popular softwares are –

In order for us to promote our products and services, it is very important for us to have a list of the most active emails to start email marketing.

That’s why we need such a website where we can email. We can buy bulk mail from such web service providers like Emaildatapro, Godaddy. What is email marketing strategy

How Email Marketing Works

Friends, now we take information about how email marketing works. There are different ways of doing email marketing and they are understood in a few steps.

The first step is to make sure that what is our purpose behind doing email marketing.
Email marketing is mostly used for promotional purposes only.

This is the next step to build a list of emails.
If you do not have a good list of email addresses or email ids, then to whom will you send emails or how will you be able to do email marketing.

So friends, first of all you have to build an email list. Among the methods for this, the way to build the email list naturally is a good and very good way.

So how will you do it now – So, use the email subscription box on your website or blog so that you can easily convert the traffic of your blog into an email list.

There is also another way for this in which email list is bought from different places but this is an unnatural way and it is also a spammming way.

When a great email list is created with you, then you can make further efforts to get success in email marketing.

Now comes the matter of when and what to send to your subscribers.
Different premium tools can help you in this. As the email marketing trend is increasing, so many different types of email marketing tools are also coming in the market. By using these tools, you can manage or handle your new email marketing campaign very comfortably or easily.

There are some great tools to use for your email marketing and they are –

  1. Convert Kit 
  2. Contant Contact 
  3. Aweber 
  4. Active Campaign 

Now I will tell you in detail how a blogger can easily send email to his subscribers.

In this, first of all you have to send an email of welcome, thanks, then newsletter, this you have to send to them. Whenever you will put a new post or publish a blog, then you have to send the description about it to them along with the link of that blog’s post.

When any of your subscriber clicks on that link after seeing the mail containing that link, then it is a matter of fact that he will see your page and because of this the views of your page will increase. So this is how email marketing works, let us now know. What is email marketing strategy

Benefits of Email Marketing

Email marketing is used for different purposes in different ways. Blogger can use email marketing to promote blog post promotion or affiliate product. Email marketing can be used very well in business to promote your product and service.

  • We can easily use it to promote our service and product at low cost.
  • Many companies or email influencers generate revenue of about $ 30 billion every year by using email marketing. So in such a situation, this is a very good source of income for us.
  • The process of email marketing is so easy that any beginner can start it easily.
  • By reaching the targeted customers easily, we can increase our sales well.
  • Here are the benefits of doing email marketing. So do not delay and try to set up your email marketing new.
  1. E-mail marketing is one such way, with the help of which you can target many people at once.
  2. E-mail marketing does not cost you much money and at the same time saves your time.
  3. You can easily generate leads through e-mail marketing.
  4. If you are a blogger then you can bring traffic to your blog through email marketing.
  5. If you sell a product, then you can benefit through e-mail marketing.
  6. You can make your product reach more and more people with less money.
  7. If a customer buys any of your products, then you can also retarget it when a new product arrives.
  8. That is, you can give information about your new product to him through e-mail. Friends, if you also want to start a new business or have started.
  9. So with the help of e-mail marketing, you can reach your business to more people in less time and less money.

What is email marketing strategy

Types of Email marketing

Friends, if seen, there are two types of email marketing, the first is Transactional Email and the second is Direct Email, so let’s understand these two types in detail!

There are two types of email marketing

  • Transactional Email
  • Direct Email

1. Transactional Email

Friends, if suppose in Transactional Email, whenever you visit any blog or e-commerce website. So there you see the option to subscribe to the e-mail. In it you enter your e-mail address. After entering the e-mail, the updates that you get from that website is called Transactional Email Marketing!

In which if the customer wants any blog post. Or if he wants an update of any company, then he puts his e-mail on that website on his own free will. And turns on the notification of that website. So that the posts of that website reach it, it is called Transactional Email! What is email marketing strategy

2. Direct Email

Whenever you visit any e-commerce website in Direct Email. Or visit any other service provider website, now whenever you buy any product from any e-commerce website. The first thing you need to do to buy a product is enter your e-mail!

You have to give a lot of other information. After that your account can be created there. So inside this the customer does not give his e-mail address of his own free will. You must have seen many times that many such e-mails will also come on your e-mail address such as related to promotion, related to product and many more!

And in that e-mail you are told different types of offers. Overall, the email sent by the company against the will of the customer for the promotion of its product or to sell any product is called Direct Email! What is email marketing strategy

Uses of Email marketing

Friends, e-mail marketing is most commonly used to promote business, blog or to sell products, suppose if you have an e-commerce company, service provider company or you have a blog. . So there you can do e-mail marketing!

Through e-mail marketing, you can increase customer relationship, reach sales, offers, company updates, you can do professional targeting, you can generate website traffic, save time, create branding You can do many other things through e-mail marketing.

E-mail marketing is also the cheapest way to grow your business, to spread it in the market, to reach your business to people who do not even know about your business. If you have their e-mail address, then you can send your business related or product related information to them. What is email marketing strategy

Why Email Marketing is Good ?

Email marketing is good for many reasons, here we are going to tell about some of the reasons –

Less cost in email marketing :- Email marketing is cheap. You can do this yourself, or it can be done through an email marketing agency. Email marketing helps business owners reach hundreds of consumers with little or no cost. Because in this you only need internet and a computer or laptop. For small businesses, this marketing is a much better option than other traditional marketing channels like TV, radio or direct mail.

Easy to measure in email marketing : – Most email marketing tools provide the ability to track what happens when you send an email. With this you can specifically track the delivery rate, bounce rate, unsubscribe rate, click rate and open rate. This gives you a better understanding of how your email marketing campaigns are doing, and what people don’t like. You cannot ignore all these things. They have an important part in your internet marketing campaign. Your customers may also unsubscribe from your emails by getting annoyed with daily emails. That’s why you have to be careful that you don’t email too much. This is purely to get to know your customers and provide them with better content.

The reach of email marketing is huge:- Email marketing can reach a lot of audience in a short period of time. And this allows the recipient of the email to act on the message immediately. This campaign can be implemented with minimum software, hardware and personal investment.

It improves brand awareness and customer relationship :- Regularly sending email messages with right subject and logo spreads awareness in the company. And at the same time, email creates a reciprocal relationship, which improves the relationship between the appropriate customers.

It is an effective way to reach the customers:- There are some consumers who like the products of certain brands very much. But they do not get to know about the offers or other things of that brand. And the company is also unable to reach its customers. In such a situation, if the company or brand tells people about their brand through email marketing, then they can reach many customers. Therefore, it is also an effective way to reach customers.

It’s personal:- When you send an email marketing effort in an attractive way on a subject line, you have a 20 percent better chance of a recipient opening the email. To encourage or promote small business, you can send your customers some emails related to birthday wishes, product offers and interest related to previous purchases from your company. And when customers read the email, it can benefit you.

For all these reasons email marketing is convenient, and it can also attract customers. What is email marketing strategy

Which is the Best Email Marketing Software?

So let’s now talk about which is the Best Email Marketing Software that you can do for email marketing. By the way, you will find many softwares in the market, some of which are free and some are paid.

On this I am going to tell you the Best Email Marketing Software which I have used according to my experience :-

Mailchimp:- Mailchimp is an all-in-one marketing platform that helps you to send and communicate emails to your customers and audience. Through this, you can also collect your subscribers and you can also send emails to those who are already subscribers or audience. This is an email marketing software and is also very popular. You can use it and if you like it, you can also take the paid version. .

ConvertKit:- ConvertKit is a full-legged email marketing software developed by Nathan Barry. In its use, automatic email and email marketing can be done. It is one of the fastest growing email marketing companies. It also provides optin form, signup form, pop up to help in fetching email subscribers.

Mailerlite:- Mailerlite is also a very popular free email marketing software. Even in its free version, you can install email automation, which you do not find in any other free email marketing software. The special thing about mailerlite is that it is very simple to use, due to which even a newbie blogger can understand it easily and can start email marketing from it. What is email marketing strategy

how to make money from email marketing

When you have a large email list then you can earn money using these methods. Now we know about email marketing se paise kamane ke tarike.

These are the ways-

  1. Affiliate Marketing 
  2. Blog traffic
  3. Youtube traffic
  4. Sell products

In all these ways, you can earn money through email marketing. What is email marketing strategy

How to make money from email marketing?

When you have a large email list then you can earn money using these methods.
Affiliate Marketing
Blog traffic
Youtube traffic
Sell products

What are the Best Tools for Email Marketing?

Best Email Marketing Software हैं

what we learned today

What is email marketing strategy :- Friends, What is email marketing strategy , how is it done, I have tried my best to reach Aok through this article. I hope that what I have written in this article about email marketing or explaining to you is six and you will understand.

If a person or any of your friends wants to start email marketing and if you think that the information given in this article can be useful to them, then you must share this article with them.

If you need to make some improvements in this article of email marketing or have any questions or doubts in your mind regarding this topic, then you must tell me through comments, I will try my best to clear your doubts.

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